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AngularJS talk at meet.js

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On the 20th of April this year I gave a talk at meet.js about AngularJS. It was a much shorter (30min vs 1h) version of the one I gave at the 33rd Degree Conference a month before.

Since it was a JavaScript meetup, most of the listeners were already familiar with JS MVC frameworks, and a fair percentage of them was already familiar with AngularJS. That’s quite impressive if you consider there were well more than a hundred developers there.

Not having to explain that SPAs are now a viable choice for writing web applications saved me some precious minutes and there was a lot more audience participation than I usually encounter - a good sign that the people could relate to what I talked about.

If things progress the way they do with AngularJS adoption, maybe the next time I talk about it I will be able to talk about advanced application patterns in AngularJS instead of introducing it for the nth time:) Fingers crossed.


The presentations on meet.js were not recorded, so there’s no video.