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JS MVC Framework Fight at wroc_love.rb

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On the 3rd of March this year I took part in a panel discussion (or more precisely: a “fight”) about the current state of JavaScript MVC frameworks on wroc_love.rb. I represented AngularJS, which is my framework of choice since early 2011. The other contenders were Backbone.js, Ember.js and Hexagonal.js.

We discussed the role of single page apps, architecture, two-way data binding and a bunch of other stuff. The introduction slide I presented pretty much summarizes my position about how the frameworks in question compare to each other:

You can view the whole thing online on youtube:

Lean Startup

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I recently read the “Lean Startup” book by Eric Ries which I can recommend to anyone involved in software development, not just people working with technology startups, like the title suggests.

The book describes a process, which can be used to make innovation more manageable and directed using the Lean Manufacturing principles combined with metrics-driven-development. It is written with entrepreneurs in mind, but it also touches on topics such as Continuous Deployment and automated testing, which are important to me.